A close friend of mine had experienced using Rich & Oliva for over fifteen years and referred me to employ them.

Let me tell you I was not disappointed. Marco and the team did everything possible to keep me happy from cleaning the property to the furniture stylist and no request was too small.

During the campaign which did start slowly, macro kept me very well informed with constant telephone calls, emails and market updates sent to me. There was nothing that I didn’t know good or bad.

Marco and the team did everything possible to ensure a successful outcome

Come the week of and towards the end of the campaign the interest had built up well and I felt at ease going into it as I knew all that could be done had been done, I knew who the serious parties were and their feedback and we had a good plan for a different outcomes that may have occurred.

On Auction day my home was full of happy and keen buyers ready to purchase.  The auctioneer Bob Jury did a stellar job along with the sales team. The outcome was more than $100,000 over what I thought we would have achieved

If you’re looking for hard working and a dedicated team these guys at Rich & Oliva are the ones

Kind regards