I’ve had the pleasure of Matthew assisting me both as a seller and buyer of real estate in this area.

First an apartment in Burwood that we originally bought through him and then re-engaged him to sell some 9 years later and then to sell a newer unit in Summer Hill.

As we knew and trusted Matthew, we had asked him to bid to sell the Burwood apartment and we compared him to a few other agent’s proposal and approach.  Why we chose him was his integrity and style – Matthew is easy to deal with and keeps you informed.

We also found that he had a terrific marketing approach that varied depending on the actual property and location.  Both my wife and myself enjoyed our interactions and he does happily go above and beyond to keep us in the loop.

One specific example is that being overseas during an Auction – Matthew connected us through various technologies to be able to ensure that we were engaged and in the process.  I’d highly recommend Matthew as an agent that is knowledgeable of the market and plays with a ‘straight’ bat.